Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Secretary Will Disavow Any Knowledge of Your Actions

The secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Peter Graves died Sunday at 83. Of course we know him for his role as Mr. Phelps in the original and the Australian "Replacement Show" revival (called such because the revival was conceived, written, and filmed Down Under as replacement programming the 1987 Writers Guild of America strike) versions of Mission: Impossible, but there were numerous films and other television series he did well for his career. Thanks to the sad state of Detroit and the demise of so many makes since the onerous regulations on the automobile industry to appease the greenies, we may have lost memory of his daughter in a commercial with him in an automobile commercial where she's doing the mystery work in an IMF-themed ad for a car that also involved children of Mel Blanc and Monty Hall. Phelps' character actually had the opportunity to work in the Australian revival with the son of one of his original agents. The agent's son is played by the real-life son of the original agent's father. Both even made an appearance together. Who was it?

OSHA Limits Not Acceptable To Church Kids. An old elementary school classmate said she was going to the church event that featured a teen puppet and dance show over the weekend, and someone decided to barge into the discussion, not knowing common sense.

Me: "You will need earplugs -- it is over 105 decibels -- loud!"

Another person: "Oh, it's not that bad."

Me: "One hundred five decibels is acceptable?"

That person: "Yes, I believe it is."

Even in seventh grade I learned there are rules and regulations to acceptable volume levels. What makes people think OSHA Rule 1910.95 should be ignored for church events? Ignore them because they're dancing to every pop tune off the radio? It's bad enough when they feel that dancing to secular music should replace studying the Bible and singing sacred songs in church-sponsored events, and even services. It's worse when they feel ignoring OSHA standards on noise should be violated for their own shows.

. Monty Hall returns to television next week as CBS will have Hall do, naturally, a deal a day on the current version of Let's Make a Deal.
Speaking of Hall

Clockwork. The IZOD IndyCar São Paulo 300 ended 14 laps short of its 300-kilometre distance because of the dreaded time limit. After heavy rain soaked Brazil, especially the Sambodromo (the main grandstand for the city's Carnaval, similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans), some officials need to bring VHT Trackbite there. Television time limits (two hours) are used in Formula One especially since in Great Britain, the state-owned channel owns the rights. (In Canada and Australia, commercial broadcasters air the British state-owned broadcaster's coverage.) The IRL has mostly eliminated time limits in the United States because of Versus, but with local television holding rights, Brazilian broadcaster BAND TV decided a clock be imposed. In F1, if the lights extinguish and just four laps are run, that's a race with half points. In 1991, the Foster's Australian Grand Prix was on Lap 16 when the trouble took place with rain, and with clock rules and reverted laps, it went to 14 laps. Sometimes, if the only clock is daylight or the city curfew, the finishes are much more exciting than to play against two hours for sprint races. Now it's different if it's a 3, 6, 12, or 24 hour race, but that's the difference between drivers whose races don't last 110 minutes and one who usually goes 200 minutes or longer.

Obamacare. There is a clear reason why the Obama Administration wants the Senate bill, passed when a filibuster-proof supermajority was there. If that version does not pass, they cannot pass a revised one since s filibuster would be certain. This is why fixing elections for Al Franken mattered. We, the South Carolinians, became crush cars since we could not stop them in the Senate. Passing Obamacare would raise taxes immediately in order to create a new government monstrosity that would destroy this nation in debt.

Automakers. Is there any proof that Ford was working inside the Obama Administration to write the Obama auto policy that favoured them and seized opponents? Found proof -- note the hidden "Obama's Choice" badge for the jacked-up Mazda Capella of the 1990's that Ford sells as a "crossover".


  1. Bobby, let me see - as I recall, it's the son of Greg Morris, isn't it? Also playing the son of Greg's character, whom I believe was named Barney. Does this mean I've watched too much TV over the years?

  2. I learned in reading about both iterations that Barney and Grant Collier were played by Greg and Phil Morris -- the Aussies who wrote the script were right in making the 1980's version to feature father and son -- and that was positive for a proud father and his son. In an age where fathers are treated as bad guys now, it's interesting that the Aussies in that time decided Grant Collier and his group had to rescue Barney from false charges, and later Barney helps the new gang. One star of the 1980's revival died early (Anthony Hamilton), an avowed sexual deviant. Hamilton had replaced Jon-Erik Hexum after his death on the set of the 1984 CBS series "Cover Up," leaving only one surviving co-star, Jennifer O'Neill, whom I met in 2005 at the state March for Life.

    Interesting too how much of the 1980's Mission: Impossible was sci-fi that in 2010 we accept much of what Phelps and his newer group used as current. The biometric thumbprint for Phelps to read his dossier, and in noticing the differences in dossier packets of the two series, it's clear sci-fi was the 1980's series calling card. The self-destructing disc is something that's available today -- people can buy a "rental" movie that self-destructs within 48 hours after it's played. The television folded up to create what would be a flat-screen -- how much flat-screen technology they used in that series would be normal now.


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