Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loonies and Government Stupidity

A Day Late and an Entire MWC Season, a few hundred Loonies, and a Real Short. The DirecTV dispute with Comcast over Versus is over, but not before the Mountain West Conference ran a season of football and basketball, the PBR World Finals and the opening third of the season, the NHL went all but the final month of the season, and exciting IRL showdowns in Motegi and Homestead, and yesterday's lid-lifter São Paulo 245.28 was shut out of satellite viewers' hands. To those with satellite television, we welcome Bob Jenkins back to the fray. (Of course, when your cable system sponsors the IRL race in Kansas, it's another thing.)

We're The Gospel. The House Budget Committee has begun work on forcing Congress to accept the Senate's version of "health care reform". The goal is to let Obama and his liberal cronies write a Communist-style system that would make no sense except to bean counters and rationers. Liberals want the Senate version, passed before the glass slipper fit for Scott Brown, to be passed without alterations as to avoid a filibuster that would come from having to redo the entire bill. But leadership now wants to ensure a dictatorship as to disarm talk radio, Fox News, and anyone who opposes them. The real lines in a song our adult jazz dance team in a nationally known dance studio ("Echa Pa'lante") did last year hold true ("Politician, now you're asking for mercy after you've plundered this nation. Our currency is devalued, corruption increases, unemployment is up, and the whole nation is polluted"). This is exactly what has happened with the Unholy Alliance of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.

Even Catholic bishops oppose this, but they don't matter anymore. Sexual deviants have more rights than clergy. It's clear now that they want us to pay for killing children, and they would probably include the "Freedom of Choice Act" to force this down our throats.

Happy Fishing? At the Daytona 500 Experience, the winning car from the year's Great American Race is shown as a museum piece. On the trunk of the Chevrolet Impala of Jamie McMurray is the phrase "Happy Fishing," a reference to sponsor Bass Pro Shops. Now the President wants to take kids off the hook, line, and sinker, and outlaw fishing. What's next? Kiss my bass! (Professionals always practice catch and release -- it's mandatory in tournaments.)

An Education Alamo. Sandy Rios refers to the Textbook Wars in Texas. A textbook that removes all references to pre-1877 America, the Founding Fathers, and President Reagan's Greatness and promotes every facet of extreme leftism would create a new batch of leftists ready to push the Obama Agenda. I remember the books from a Pensacola college were much better in quality and taught the strong values that have been ingrained in me, and not pushed out by those inferior government school specification textbooks that have in the past 40 years been used to push every wicked agenda that hurts education. When fringe environmentalism replaces fundamentals of mathematics, what do you expect? It's time we take back our textbooks.

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