Monday, June 21, 2010

Another stupid "sermon"

The stupid sermon I found is "Riveted Church," an infamous Life Enhancement Centre in Skiatook, OK. Their campaign is based on the Life Enhancement Centre attitude of entertainment, and their web page promotes "rag-tag" dressing, considering I have returned from the Southeastern Piano Festival Winners Concert just hours ago, and there is no difference between Standard Concert Dress and Church Dress in the playbook (jacket and tie are required, suit preferred). But a recent "sermon" at the venue was not based on the Bible but instead on another pop culture relic -- this time was was based on a stupid pop tune with extreme explicitness. It had explicit sex in it, was extremely popular three decades ago, and has shown what I have said about these venues. They focus on life enhancement and choose to discuss bad music, and movies, not the Bible.

Be very careful. If your church or cathedral starts teaching pop culture, flee.

Rosebrough, Chris. "Fighting for the Faith". 14 June, 2010, Pirate Christian Radio, Web archive.  NOTE: This takes place around the 1:10 mark of the 2:35 programme. 

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