Friday, June 18, 2010

Retro TV Friday

Now this may not be "retro" enough for many now, but considering what has been happening on government, it seems to me that it is indeed on Retro Television Friday we remember World Championship Wrestling Monday Nitro.


Considering the name of the heel faction of WCW in the mid to late 1990's, and what has been happening to the government of the United States and the ideals of repealing the country and replacing it with foreign law, and the crazy ideas such as false marriage, new crimes on the faith, and excessive government bullying and spending, we have reached the name of the heel faction, and that this President and his Administration, along with Congressional leaders, "for life" when they are pro-death.

The idea of the World Championship Wrestling's "New World Order" was based in Japan, where WCW was being sabotaged by another organisation. In the Obama Administration, the United States has been sabotaged by this New World Order, featuring propaganda, like NWO of the 1990's WCW. Looking at it a decade and a half later, this NWO from WCW seemed to show the same gimmicks that the President has adopted.

The formation of the NWO:

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