Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Five-O redux

Last week Mitchell discussed "Hawaii Five-O," and as we know, CBS has authorised a new series, with the basis of McGarrett's son being a Navy SEAL and coming back to Hawaii. In the pilot, McGarrett's Mercury used in later years is actually part of the show; one of his hobbies is restoring his dad's old car.

Someone on YouTube found a way to mix the 1968-80 series and 2010 series' introductions together and when comparing the two, there are many sequences from the original show that found its way to the new series. The same Ilikai hotel suite, a modern airplane engine, the same statues, and other parts of the famous opening are used in the new series that sometimes when everything's shrunk to 480i it's hard to identify which is which. Of course, the bloke chose to use the 1968 theme because it's longer (one minute versus 30 seconds) and is better than the rock-based arrangement of the same well-known tune.

Was it easy to identify which was the original and which was the revival? Of course, the O'Loughlin, Caan, and Park is modern.

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