Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's not La Belle Renée . . .

A few years ago, for a Hurricane Katrina benefit, Darlington Raceway allowed fans to drive five laps on the Florentine 1.366 mile egg for the benefit, which I did by taking five laps in my SUV at safety car speeds. One of the most infamous lines that can be taken on the circuit is the “crossover” where one driver stays high in the wide end and allows his opponent to attack low, pass him, and with the momentum, force that car to slip high in the narrow turns. The driver being passed then slips low to pass the car that just lost its momentum back, with the attacking car losing more time with the blundered pass attempt.

After listening to a few preview samples of Dark Hope, I think the album sounds similar to such a blunder, since the voice we all admire and enjoy listening is literally on a milk carton, and is not in the body of the 51-year old whom I've said is the one artist I haven't seen I'd like to see – but not the voice of this album!

With the album release next week, what do you think of this album?

New York Times: Cue the Controversy!

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