Monday, July 12, 2010

Because, of course, we wouldn’t want to use that embarrassing “C” word

Courtesy of NRO:
One of the nation’s most iconic nonprofit organizations, founded 166 years ago in England as the Young Men’s Christian Association, is undergoing a major rebranding, adopting as its name the nickname everyone has used for generations.

“It’s a way of being warmer, more genuine, more welcoming, when you call yourself what everyone else calls you,” said Kate Coleman, the organization’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer.
No word if this has anything to do with bringing the organization's name more in line with their values


  1. The Village People have done it well. Argh! And what about Shepard-Byrd, ENDA, and the shift in the nation towards a humanist nation? Mori's hard hat . . .

  2. A friend told me that YMCA was a misnomer, since they didn't cater to the young, it wasn't all male, and they weren't Christian. He suggested they just call it the "A" although I think he had some other letters following it... :)

    Seriously, it saddens me to see an organization like this abandon - if not renounce - it's wonderful Christian heritage. What must their founders be thinking?

    They will have to answer for this - if not in the here-and-now, then in the hereafter.


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