Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More stupidity

A report arrived that Australia's notorious Life Enhancement Centre, Hillsong, is building a new LEC in New York City. Too many churches today have sold out to this notorious prosperity teacher where modern venues -- not just in Australia, but worldwide and in mainstream television programmes both Down Under and Up North, are singing their songs.

Special Rights Activists paid a city in this area $100 to order flags of the Gill Agenda to wave for a sexual deviancy festival over the weekend. As said in Spain, they are "Proud of What?"

Some college professors are into mandatory indoctrination of children in order to allow them to be the next followers of a “cult” similar to the cult of personality of certain leaders of this nation (see the past few elections). Agents of indoctrination are there to force people to go lock-step with them, and the result is a generation that has only been involved in feelings and never debate or discussion. To these professors, “they are mine,” and they will not let them go. They will be his slave for life, opposing the views taught by the family, in church, or parochial school for the first 18 years.

How young is too young? A thirteen-year old rider became the youngest competitor to die in the 96 years of competition at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (this does not include 1917-18 or 1942-45, when the Speedway was closed because of war restrictions) when he was run over during the reconnaissance lap for the Sunday feature for the United States Grand Prix Riders Union (USGPRU) developmental series for motorcycle racing, using 250cc four-stroke control motorcycles that will likely form the basis of the Moto3 formula that replaces the 125cc two-stroke format in international FIM competition for 2012. Questions have arisen over the use of 12-16 year old motorcyclists in 250cc four-stroke Moto3-class machines.  Daily Trackside Report (From IMS)
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