Thursday, September 2, 2010

The FCA teams with a Life Enhancement Centre

The NewSpring Life Enhancement Centre in Anderson is pairing with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) with a “Rally in the Valley” event before an NCAA gridiron match Saturday. Many kids in church are attending because they bleed those colours and the actions of both the youth and the leader in question remind me of liberalism in that they do not care about the facts of this corrupt Life Enhancement Centre, but go by the tickling of their feelings of rooting their team when they attend a major rally with the kingpin of Southern Life Enhancement Centres' “Student Ministry” rock band performing.

This Life Enhancement Centre (I can't call it a church because it is clearly a self-help venue with the material being taught there proving it) and its leader, Perry Noble, has a notorious reputation with both its false teachings and the “music” that is performed at the venue, which is notoriously secular in nature, with songs such as “Highway to Hell,” “Ordinary People,” and “Crazy in Love” (this is not a joke, friends – they have played such songs in their venues, and have placed them on the Web). Worse yet, Mr. Noble is known for his notorious false teachings and the Alinsky-style attacks on college professor James Duncan, Associate Professor of Communications , who blew the whistle on Mr. Noble's corruption. The staff there turned into the Obama Administration when they saw political enemies.

Yet too many children, this weekend, will be attending this rally, thinking they will hear God's Word, when they are to hear false teachings influenced by this Life Enhancement Centre, with their feelings tickled around numerous chants of “Tiger Rag” and loud secular rock music from the “worship band”. This is the exact tickling of feelings that infiltrate Life Enhancement Centres today. Ignore the Word, go with feelings. Your best life now is what matters. Why are we endorsing such?
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