Saturday, September 4, 2010

Embarrassing me!

There are some moments that happen that once they happen, you wish you were there, when it was easily available, you find yourself, in the words of Darrell Waltrip, beating yourself, wishing you had gone to the event.

Thursday night was one of them.

At the Southern Mississippi-South Carolina game, according to reports I received, the game, in South Carolina, had the opening ceremony's National Anthem and Alma Mater sung by a native of Southern Mississippi, someone who born and grew up in the Laurel-Meridian-Hattiesburg area. So the Golden Eagles fans were treated by their native doing it, and she was a Gamecock (master's in 2003, and doctorate in August).

Nothing wrong with that, is it?

Oh it was embarrassing to me, beating myself, wishing I was there. For it was none other than the leader of the circle of friends, the one and only, the Mississippi Squirrel herself, doing it all. And here I was at home, listening to the game, beating myself, wishing I had not made that mistake. Oh what being a member of her circle of friends will do when you embarrass yourself by not knowing. This was just three months after the tables turned when she had seen me sing in the chorus in Beethoven's Mass in C Major. Why didn't I return the favour?
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