Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Just In

Ticked Tittle Threatens Tentative Titans Tryout

(San Jose, CA -- September 9, 2010) As Brett Farve takes the field for the Minnesota Vikings tonight in the NFL season opener, former Hall of Fame quarterback Y.A. Tittle remains upset that his recent attempt to return to the gridiron was thwarted by Favre's decision to play another season. Not only is Tittle angry, he's taking action. Maybe.

Tittle, now 84 and officially retired for 47 seasons, had reportedly received a call from Vikings head coach Brad Childress when it looked like Favre had permanently retired, again. Childress, citing Tittle's experience and legendary toughness, was apparently courting the former New York Giant star to come out of retirement to take over as QB of the Vikings for the 2010 season.

Inside reports suggested Childress had always been a big Tittle fan. "He had a great arm and a good head for the game," Childress was heard saying. "Not to mention a hairline that, well, let's just say, that was a plus, too."

Within days of that report, Favre made the decision to come back, and Tittle's opportunity seemed over.

"Sure I'm upset," said the man affectionately known to elderly football fans as "YAT" "I was looking forward to lacing up my cleats for one more go. I've got a few zingers left in the old flapper."

Tittle was encouraged, however, by possible new openings. "I hear that the Tennessee Titans might be open to me coming to a practice to see if I can fit in to their plans," he revealed. "If we can work out the details, maybe the fans will see me yet in 2010. You just never know."
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