Monday, November 15, 2010

Henryk Górecki, R.I.P.

I did not know of Henryk Górecki's work until I read Charles Colson and Nancy Pearsey's How Now Shall We Live? (Remember, this was the pre-Hill era in music for me.) In memory of the Polish composer, I found the original BreakPoint radio commentary by Mr. Colson on Mr. Górecki's Symphony No. 3. It made an appreciation of classical works even more appreciative considering the Iron Curtain did not like his association with another famous Pole, Karol Wojytla, of whom commissioned works that Mr. Górecki composed, and the Polish government stripped him of his positions in art because of his ties with the religious leader in an atheistic Comunist nation.

Here is an Appreciation from "The Bleep." 
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