Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Opera Wednesday

This shouldn't be in the Opera category at first, but when you learn it is the Opera Company of Philadelphia involved, you'll see why it goes there.

Earlier in the year, my voice teacher referenced opera singers as shopkeepers singing from Verdi's Il Travatore.

Now this story has a sequel. There's a wonderful sacred masterpiece I've sung in singalongs, at and in a pair of guest choral gigs. Sometimes I wish there were more that would sing this instead of the dippy junk that is being sold by the major secular publishers. But last month, in the City of Brotherly Love, in a Macy's, 650 choirsters and the Opera Company of Philadelphia sang a masterpiece as part of the opera company's "Random Act of Culture" in a Macy's. Now this is music designed for Easter, but still #44 from HWV 56 is that what deservedly so. Let's enjoy the Opera Company of Philadelphia's big special production at the Macy's. As much fun as Verdi in the farmer's market.

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