Monday, March 19, 2012

Cee-Lo Crazy, Qantas Mayhem, and Official State Religion?

$100,000, 25 points, and a six-week suspension. No, I am not discussing Chad Knaus (but a Husqvarna lawn tractor television commercial that features one of their locally-manufactured tractors sold at Lowe's featuring him will have to be pulled from the airwaves) but instead, this is about pop star Cee-Lo Green, who deserves the said penalty after a fund-raiser for President Obama in Winnipeg Friday night featured the obscene ditty. In earlier fundraisers in the day in Winnipeg, references to obscene rapper Christopher Bridges were also made. A decade ago, Mr. Bridges featured in an album the lyrical reference of calling Fox News analysts an obscenity-laden piece.

Invented lawmaking and now this. In school we were taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. Now, they are teaching everything but fundamentals. In Massachusetts, they are now discussing free condoms for students as young as 12. What have we come to in this nation? Add that to the dollar-a-month surcharge we must pay on our insurance in order to fund killing babies, this nation is truly in a downhill spiral to the bottom.

Red, red, red, red, red . . . No lights! Jenson Button zips away and takes a commanding victory for McLaren at the Qantas Grand Prix Sunday. Bernie Ecclestone's arrogance continued, as he wants Melbourne to switch to a night race.

Night races in the Pacific Rim so Europe can see them reasonably. Unlike domestic formulae that favour night races for areas where heat would be an issue, Mr. Ecclestone has one reason why Formula One needs night races; that provision is he wants all races to air in a reasonable time in Europe. The 5 PM (local) start in Melbourne, with one hour of daylight left when the chequered falls after 58 laps, is a dangerous provision to please the Central European 7 AM start time (2 AM US EDT). Sunday's Petronas Grand Prix has a 4 PM local start (10 AM CET). Singapore has a 8 PM (local time) start for the same absurd reasoning. But Bernie's idea is no night races in Europe, only for Asia and Australia, and the Americas have afternoon race times that allow for prime-time European television.

Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion . . . But with ObamaCare, Shepard-Byrd (a law passed by Congress, but by the way it's been interpreted by the judiciary), the DSE/SRD (by management), and other court cases, it's clear that the Courts, Executive Branch, and Departments of Education have made laws establishing humanism as the official state religion. It seems the attitude of modern humanism has established itself when the courts have been establishing a state religion simply by decree, along with other branches, just not Congress. The Founding Fathers did not envision every branch of government except Congress is establishing humanism as the state religion, which has sadly happened in this nation.
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