Thursday, March 8, 2012

Classic Sports Thursday

A typical Cessna airplane takes off around 60 MPH. Jet airplanes usually takeoff at 180 MPH. What happens when a car tries to go 300 MPH?

This weekend's Tire Kingdom Gatornationals in Gainesville, FL, marks the 20-year anniversary of Kenny Bernstein's 301.70 mph (speed in the last 66 feet) speed record, and also the 299.30 mph backing speed later to ensure the 301.70 was a record. (NHRA rules require in order for a record to be official, the record must be backed up within one percent during the meet – wonder what would happen in athletics of the 100m world record had to be backed up by 1% during that meet?)

Here's a celebration of the Drag King's rise to 300 on 1,320 (note that the switch to 1,000 foot drag racing for fuelers was not made until 2008).

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