Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Modern Youth Thieves: Learned from Stealing Music to Stealing Expensive Merchandise?

There has been on news reports everywhere of a massive increase in grand larceny, burglaries, and numerous theft rings (copper, et al) by youth of this generation. The question came to my attention while pondering over it:

Has this generation that learned it was appropriate to steal television (illegal streaming via YouTube, et al), music (illegal file-sharing, something that I've learned through numerous clients causes trouble in computers), and software, and played a glorified game promoting such thuggery in Grand Theft Auto, and the prohibition on learning right and wrong through the secular humanist educational system that bars the teaching of Biblical standards, including the Ten Commandments, learned that stealing is perfectly appropriate because they started from stealing $15 albums, then $20 television programmes, and now anything from watching video games? Has this attitude of stealing little means they can steal more expensive merchandise now?

Wonder what values being taught on the media today have led to today's theft rings.
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