Monday, January 14, 2013

A few notes

Life. The March for Life is coming either this week or next week, depending on your state chapter of the National Right to Life organisation. Don't forget about it! Our state dinner tickets are set and I'm set to march for the sixteenth time!

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. It's no longer a day celebrated by the White House with this totalitarian in chief who wants as many babies (and adults) dead as possible to advance his agenda. But how many churches will be observing it the next two weeks?

Totalitarianism? Just noted Bill O'Reilly commented on the President's clear move towards a dictatorship of "Dear Leader." I've seen too many moves where he has aimed towards that tactic, whether it is energy, fuel economy, the financial crisis, and now guns.

Emergent! While the controversy over Louie Giglio at the Coronation of Dear Leader was massive because he would violate the New World Order's rule on hate speech (anything opposed to sexual deviants is hate speech to the NWO), people never discussed the questionable theology of Passion and the related movement. How can any of us, Protestant or Catholic, sit in the middle of these Life Enhancement Centres, drowned out by 100 dB rock music, with such questionable garbage dominating the service?

Bottom of the Barrel? A complaint I heard on social media last night was how a "celebrity diving" show, taken from European concepts, was brought to the United States as filler before the biggest show of the second half of the television regular season. These are Olympic sports we rarely hear but every four years, but isn't it time that these sports are shown more often on network television, even if it is in stranger situations such as celebrities trying it? They called it scraping to the bottom of ideas for television, but if you're the United States Olympic Committee and the National Governing Bodies of the sports in question, how much positive exposure is it to see celebrities trying it? Imaging a celebrity Modern Pentathlon, Biathlon (shooting and cross-country skiing), or even team handball (a sport in its professional level that that Al-Jazeera has carried on its airwaves) and water polo?

Don't Be Fooled. Time Warner Cable dropped Ovation, which angered many in the arts field, but it was not mentioned in the way Current was dropped after Al-Jazeera's purchase. Remember they added Al-Jazeera's BeIn, a channel we mentioned in the summer that carries the BBVA League and Serie A among notable football leagues, and is rapidly growing because of it. While they lost to Comcast the rights to the biggest of the leagues, they still carry the serious leagues with names such as Barca and Real.

Prayer Request. My grandmother had a urinary tract infection three weeks ago, and released from the hospital Tuesday, she is still recovering (and 92). Keep her in your prayers as she continues to recover from the nastiness of the antibiotics she was taken and the other things that happened to her.
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