Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Word 2012 in review

Life Imitates Art.Hendrick Motorsports driver Kasey Kahne missed his team's stop during the Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Tour because he was on jury duty. Considering he drives for the #5 team, and a 2008 #5 team shirt was worn by a Gentleman of the Jury in a past Greenville Light Opera Works production of Trial by Jury, life does imitate art!

Tosca, Tosca. In thinking of our February column on Lego Tosca, I thought of my anger at the Ray Tanner Home Run 12km when organisers mishandled my entry, and I contemplated suicide, naturally jumping off a castle, near the start line. Obviously I must have read too much on Giacomo Puccini's opera! Gymnasts and ballet dancers who are sopranos should be the only ones playing Tosca since the suicide leap is a must.

Rossini – Meow! If we talked Rossini on his birthday, we had to do it. But it was likely de Pearsall who did it built around Rossini's Otello.

Fundraisers and Fines. Look at how Cee-Lo Green, deserving of a $100,000 fine and a 25-point penalty, went off scot-free from his use of improper language at a fund-raiser for Dear Leader this year – and the Low Information Voter ran off and put Dear Leader back in office.

Well, look who caused it to explode? "Pouring here in Michigan. Track needs a jet dryer. They used to have one, but somebody blew it up!"

The Left's New Tactics. “If (turning a National Day of Prayer breakfast into an Occupy Wall Street rally by your speech) does not show how the Left would rather promote Occupiers, Class Warfare, and all sorts of "social gospel" that does not include the Bible at a National Day of Prayer event, this should be a warning that the Left will hijack any event to advance their evil, anti-Christian agenda.”

And yet Obama is pushing for this to be federal law. We saw the consequences at Penn State. “Sexual deviancy special rights activists care about normalising pedophilia and other wicked sexual deviant behaviour at the expense of children.” We saw his endorsement of false "marriage" lead to a winning streak by the sexual deviants, and now they are replacing Freedom of Religion with forced acceptance of their lifestyle of sin.

Prerecorded Music at an Orchestra Event? “Now who are the divos? The group that demanded singing to prerecorded music? It's as bad as the church singers who sing almost exclusively to the can, claiming it sounds better than the real thing. Don't tell me that. If I'm paying for Mary Lee, Jennifer, Mori, or other musicians to play in a concert, I want to hear them. I don't want to hear a recording! Real musicians are not Powerade bottles.”

Do People Understand the Fiscal Cliff​? The sad thing about this current financial issue is that the House passed its budget nine months ago, but the Senate refused, hoping, as they have successfully stalled, Dear Leader to win a second term based on the “praise the government as the deity” mentality. Add to that an Olympics in the UK where they ran propaganda on the virtue of socialism, and teaching of socialism everywhere, and it's only natural that they supported Dear Leader. If I have five dollars, do I spend twenty?
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