Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mourning 40 years of muder, legalised by courts, and the loss of the Sanctity of Human Life

Ive marched 16 times and have been part of our state’s Citizens for Life dinner or other related events, whether it’s dinner with Suzanne Schindler or lunch with Jennifer O’Neill. Watching Michael Clancy’s photograph of a baby with spina bifida being operated in utero before his birth was enough this year to witness what we saw. 

But sadly, I was appalled at what I saw during our March for Life again. A group of Protestants protested the 40th annual march in our state because the march was led by the Knights of Columbus. This is not an issue between faiths, it is an issue of the sanctity of human life, and we just passed the said Sunday in churches, no longer observed nationally following Dear Leader’s decision to purge the pro-life day while celebrating sexual deviancy “pride” month. Why would people complain about Catholics and Protestants marching for the protection of the life of a child? At our annual banquet, only two denominations were represented – Catholics and Baptists.

Forty years is too much. When we now have a Governor in New York who is an odds-on favourite to become President in 2016 pushing for baby murder all the way into birth and beyond, even ordering Catholic hospitals to close, we are seeing the humanist agenda against life, motivated by a President who has forced faith-based firms to pay for baby murder or face heavy fines (see Hobby Lobby), and over 50 million dead in these baby murder mills, I think of this ill-informed generation that trusts MTV has created a mess reversing gains of the life movement as a generation of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” will listen to what their “dear leaders” will advance.

We've lost millions of children in these gruesome attacks each day, bigger assault weapons than what Dear Leader claims, yet there is no call from him to ban these “assault weapons” that penetrate the skulls of real children. When the National Abortion Rights Action League is glorified and coverage for killing babies is now required under new mandates passed under the “Affordable” Care Act, where does that lead us?

An entire generation of work has now been wiped out by one ferocious dictator. And we mourn for those who have been slaughtered in the 40 years since. I fear now that with the Obama courts everything we've accomplished will be reversed, and the right to kill children and adults that you don't like will become law by judicial fiat.

And it's not just those in the womb. The result is without the sanctity of human life, anyone that a person does not like can be slaughtered at the will of someone who has ulterior motives. Witness Michael Schiavo's fight to kill his wife, the Oregon “death with dignity” law, and the Belgian twins' euthanasia because the deaf were now blind. Are we in a dangerous era of eugenics again?

Kyrie Eleison

I have Mozart's “Dies Irae” from his Requiem in my head in memory of those who have died in the womb in these forty years.
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