Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Carrie hasn't hated herself for loving you, and yet you do this?

W hile reading wires this weekend, I was not amused when reports surfaced people were packing tents near major big-box retailers, camping for prime seats, preparing themselves for the time the stores open before (in the Eastern time zone) Carrie Underwood “hates herself for loving you” in an attempt to purchase opening hour specials that are good while supplies last (as few as five of a specific item for those specials, but it usually is between 5-15 of a specific item). As these events start to pile up, it reminds me of people who sleep outside venues awaiting the opening of ticket sales for major popular musicians (one country star consistently sold out Colonial Life Arena annually that he moved his concert to the big stadium, which was not a sellout, but had far more tickets sold than any of his sellouts) or major events including sporting events, those who camp out at specialty stores to purchase the next big album, gaming device, or even those awaiting the 0001 premiere of the next big movie (sadly, we don't have any movie theatres in this city anymore).

What virtue is patience?

(I've run ahead, and gone too slow, I've got to be still know, and wait upon His will now . . 1)

1. Nathan DiGesare, Bruce Sudano, Kathy Troccoli. “A Different Road”. Sony/ATV Publishing LLC. 1998.

And worst of all, these stores are turning into Krzyzewskiville. One of my best friends (pictured from the 2013 Carolina Cup Steeplechase) will understand the little “city” of such nomenclature, and unfortunately, I am seeing Krzyzewskivilles (see if you can pronounce the name!) start around this time for these stores, which should never be open on a day we give thanks to God, while many of us are eating (if we can still eat) dinner following the top day for running road races in the year, beating even Independence Day. See you on foot for a few thousand metres and on the barre! I won't be piled up in those little sardine cans outside the stores before Steel City and Mr. Poe have their battle and we hear Carrie "hate herself for loving you". Quoth that black aviary if I was thinking about shopping on Thanksgiving night, “Nevermore!”

If it was a drag show, Santa Claus and reindeer would be sitting in one car, a Pilgrim and a happy turkey sitting in the other car, while the reindeer launches the car with the first amber on, the car is moving with its front wheels up, while the turkey is sitting in the driver's seat of the second car, watching as the second amber is on, and is waiting. The red cherry is up in Santa and the reindeer's lane. That will teach a serious lesson when people are no longer giving thanks to God anymore what has happened.

Have we lost Thanksgiving? Have we lost the importance of calming ourselves down, thanking God for what He has blessed us over the past year, and gathering with family over a dinner in a way the Pilgrims thanked God for His blessings 392 years ago on Plymouth Plantation?

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