Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It isn't who you are, it's what you are

What Rod Dreher says.  I read the original Grantland piece and didn't think much more about it, other than that I thought it was a terrific story that accomplished one of the tenants of a good piece - it made me want to continue reading it to see how it turned out.  Never once did it occur to me that there'd be blowback on it.  I particularly like this point from Dreher:

[Grantland writer Caleb] Hannan and Grantland are being judged extremely harshly for reporting a relevant piece of information because they didn’t first run it by the sensibilities of the cultural police to see if It Is Good For The LGBT Community. That’s what Kahrl is complaining about in this last bit: that it doesn’t serve the cause of normalizing transgender. Is that what journalism is supposed to do: serve the cause of cultural politics?

Sadly, as we all know, that seems to be just what journalism's supposed to do - toe the party line.   

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  1. Political correctness has sadly become the mandate in society. Have we become a nation that listens to people push an agenda that only a tiny minority endorses in an attempt to normalise it? This is CCCP-ish indoctrination.


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