Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Six Steps . . . of Kam Fong?

During Friday's Hawaii Five-0 (note the use of the zero in the 2010 retelling), the backstory of Detective Chin Ho Kelly was the discussion, his relationship with Malia (his wife murdered at the end of Season 2), and questions regarding potential coverup involving the investigation into the murder of his father resulted in a storyline case of integrating the original Five-O (note the letter "O" in the 1968-80 series) in a way that also involves Sgt. Duke Lukela of the current series, and also the Officer Kelly of the original series.

In the episode, Chin's father was named "Kam Tong Kelly". It turns out it was an homage to the original series, and the Chin Ho Kelly name himself.

When the actor known as Kam Fong was in school, his teacher misunderstood his name and taught him to write it as "Kam Fong Chun" instead of his birth name (Tong). Later, he legally changed it to "Kam Fong Chun". CBS dropped his surname for the original serie for a stage name. His son, Dennis (who does use the family surname Chun), played extras on the original series and on the current series is a recurring character of Sgt. Duke Lukela (in uniform), who works with the detectives during the show. You wonder if Dennis Chun melds both generations together.

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