Monday, December 20, 2004

MH - Khomeini Fest

Here's a disturbing story - a"North Texas Muslim organization last week staged a 'Tribute' conference honoring the life and works of the 'Great Islamic Visionary' Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini." Excerpt:
A 10-year-old boy opened the conference praising Khomeini for reviving "pure" Islamic thinking and saving the religion from being conquered by the West. The boy called President Bush "the greatest enemy of the Muslim Ummah," CBS-11 has learned.

It sounds as if not everyone participating in the conference realized what the theme was going to be, so we should be careful painting with a broad brush. Nevertheless, this sounds to me like another wake-up call for America - but I wonder how many will just press the snooze button again...

An interesting exchange on the Dallas Morning News blogsite followed (registration may be required to link to the DMN blogsite, but you can read about it in this link), featuring the typically reliable Rod Dreher.

Many, many thanks to my friend Mark Peterson for bringing this to my attention (he wonders why, to the best of his knowledge, we haven't heard about this in the MSM. Sharing information is the way we're going to keep informed!) and to Jihad Watch for the link to the Dallas Morning News info.

UPDATE: Rod Dreher has more on this at The Corner (December 21), including a link to Wednesday's DMN editorial on the event.

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