Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jenkins retiring

NBC's Bob Jenkins officially announced his retirement during Carburetion Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And contrary to published reports, Mr. Jenkins, who turns 65 in September, will officially call it a career at the IZOD IndyCar World Championships September 15 in Fontana. As we come closer to Fontana, we'll collect a Bob Jenkins archive.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Classic Sports Thursday

Classic Sports Thursday this time goes to a legendary piece of lore, the 25th anniversary of a deceptively titled event.
After two normal events, NASCAR's All-Star Race (as it is now called; because of federal tobacco regulations the title T. Wayne Robertson called the event from 1985-2003 is not legal; the Nextel years adopted the name “All-Star Challenge,” but the popular generic term of the race was adopted formally by Sprint in 2008) It was in All-Star Race III that the lore of this event began. A 202.5-mile event, the 75/50/10 format's desperation ten-lap shootout became the stories of lore. ABC televised the event, and after dominating the day, Bill Elliott was in trouble in the final ten-lap dash. During the middle of this race, a famous trip across Charlotte grass took place, and a piece of lore that for 25 years continues to be part of its legacy continues to this day.
Here was Keith Jackson's call of the Pass in the Grass:

Ten lap dashes are a part of motorsport lore. This was the one that made ten-lap dashes fun.

Note: Through a missions auction in 2000, the author purchased tickets to All-Star Race XVI, which was the last edition with two legends, and had one of the most famous finishes to the race of all-time.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Survival Sunday

I don't think I've seen anything like it on television, but Sunday is football's Survival Sunday, and seven of the ten games in the Premiership will air live on television Stateside, while three games are streamed online. All seven televised games have importance.

To think about it, imagine the NBA using a system where the top two teams in the East and West in the D-League advance to the NBA, and the bottom two teams in each conference are dumped to the D-League. In that case, it would be Charlotte and Washington (East) and New Orleans and Sacramento (West) to the D-League, while Austin and the D-Fenders (Los Angeles) (West) and Springfield, MA and Bismarck, ND (East) replace the two dumped teams in the NBA for next year.

Wolverhampton and Blackburn are dumped. 38 points are needed to avoid relegation.

It's Survival Sunday, seven games broadcast on Disney and News Corp channels combined make this bigger than Week 17 of the NFL, when only five games air on their final day of the season, and the Thursday night game is not available locally.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The dangers of Obama's sell-out to sexual deviants

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. (KJV)" -- Leviticus 18:22

If it isn't clear the President is now siding with sexual deviants' and their right to change marriage in order to advance their agenda that has successfully seen new speech codes, the DSE/SRD, new benefits for homosexual couples, and sexual predators being protected, the report in The Washington BLEEP proved at a clip of one out of six major-dollar donors are sexual deviants, all of whom want to violate the aforementioned verse in the Bible.

The sexual deviancy lobby's playbook has been exposed for years. Rep. Herlong nearly 50 years ago noted the Communist Goals included normalising the deviant behaviour. They aren't playing by the rules; they want dictatorships that rewrite the rules to favour them, and punish everyone else. Our fundamental freedoms do not matter to them; they want a dictatorship, a New World Order, where they are the superior class and everyone else must bow to them.

Shepard-Byrd, rammed down using the defence authorisation act tactics in 2009, was an example of the loss of freedom of speech and religion. Any speech that a sexual deviant declares hateful (mainly caused by it being from the Bible) can now be reported as hate speech and the speaker be charged with a federal hate crime, effectively making "equal justice under the law" changed to "arbitrary justice based on" various special groups based on race, religion, or "sexual orientation" of criminals and victims, as Sen. DeMint referenced. As we've seen in other nations, it has been used on the Bible. Swedish minister Åke Green was prosecuted for preaching sexual deviancy was a sin in violation of the aforementioned verse. Alberta minister Stephen Boissoin was prosecuted for saying the truth about the sexual deviancy activists' agenda. Churches were punished in 1954 by then-Representative Lyndon B. Johnson, who used laws to block churches from discussing national issues in order to punish his opponents. With 2009's Shepard-Byrd, it's open season.
The second major point of the sexual deviants' agenda that the President has endorsed is to curtail the church itself. For many years, churches have run foster care and adoption agencies, and established homes for at-risk youth that develop these children into positive role models. We saw in states where false "marriage" was legalised that churches have lost the right to establish such agencies, and the government has total control. In the past, the church helped those in need, and liberals want it to be the government. What can the church do if the government states because they do not believe in the values of the state (which is the sexual deviants' agenda), they must shut down their ministries and their teachings are criminal under federal hate crime statues?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

You call this a prayer event?

I was outraged by what I heard during Thursday's National Day of Prayer Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. Instead of discussing faith and the power of prayer, the speaker, a long-serving Democrat legislator (there are no Republicans elected to any local office -- the Left has had a 20-year winning streak), instead started pushing the virtues of government, the class warfare tract, and even discussed the goodie bags given at major events. It lacked any Biblical thought at all. It had the makings of an Occupy Wall Street rally speech, and was not suited for a prayer event.

If this does not show how the Left would rather promote Occupiers, Class Warfare, and all sorts of "social gospel" that does not include the Bible at a National Day of Prayer event, this should be a warning that the Left will hijack any event to advance their evil, anti-Christian agenda.
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