Wednesday, July 22, 2020

PC Police Again, and An Old Movie Reference for a Vintage-Themed Show

he PC Police Strikes Again.  Our modern Zinn/Hannah-Jones worldview of history strikes again, and the real Curse of the Bambino roars its ugly head again.

In the early years of the NFL, team nicknames often were influenced by the local baseball team that often shared the ground with the NFL team.  We saw that with the Giants at the Polo Grounds, the Bears at Wrigley Field, the Lions at Briggs Stadium, and the Braves at Braves Field, which became the Redskins when they moved to Fenway.

The real Curse of the Bambino has been the number of men's and women's football and futbol teams, lacrosse teams, and other teams that have called Braves Field, or later after its configuration changed, Nickerson Field, home, were short-lived.  Nickerson was also the original stadium of the Patriots.

The 50-year old Blackfeet Nation-designed logo is being retired at the behest of the PC police, disregarding its post-merger titles won during the Jack Kent Cooke era after the Blackfeet designed their logo.  How have we become a nation that claims history is offensive?  It seems today's leftist crybabies have the floor, and cannot be thrown off it.  We saw it with CrossFit, and now we see it with the entire anti-police movement, the anti-history movement, and even sports teams with names these activists dislike.

If we keep up with this, only the liberal activists will always be right.

Vintage Movies Strike Again.  Radio Television Luxembourg's Press Your Luck 2019 on ABC has done it again.  In the first season, a winner from the 1983-86 revival of Bill Carruthers' flop Second Chance that lasted much longer (only being done in by the antics of Mark Goodson) appeared.  In January (when the shows were filmed), one episode features the one demographic that few would expect to be pushed on television (over 60 years old) playing.  All three contestants on the July 19 episode were champions on the 1983-86 version.

But the episode's name harkens back to Spielberg characters from Poltergeist II: The Other Side, where Carol Anne utters the signature phrase:  "They're back!"  And the reference for the champion of champions episode carries that exact title, celebrating the fact former champions return 35 years later for a "champion of champions" match.  It had me thinking vintage television reigns supreme again when doing revivals of classic game shows for a new generation to play.

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