Monday, February 21, 2005

MH - God on the Quad

Figured I might as well go for the literary hat-trick. For those of you who were as battered as I was after reading I Am Charlotte Simmons, there is hope out there. Stanley Kurtz writes this encouraging piece about a new book, Naomi Schaefer's God on the Quad, that provides a welcome antidote to the amoral brutality (accurately) depicted at Wolfe's fictional Dupont.

I'm amazed that anyone can still think you can keep your religious beliefs separate from the way you live your life. But John Kerry and his supporters believed it (or at least tried to convince themselves that they believed it), and based on the number of elites who become twitching, drooling idiots as soon as they sense even the possibility that someone's about to mention the word God - well, I guess it speaks for itself. We're ridiculed, scorned, ostracized. We're uncool, not hip, not with it. I don't know what today's generation uses to describe a "square," but whatever it is, we're that, too.

But it's worth it.

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