Monday, March 28, 2005

MH - The Heart of the Matter

Michael Moriarty - yes, the actor-turned-activist - has a good column on Terri today at the website Enter Stage Right. I bring you this for a couple of reasons: first, because I think it's a well-written column:
The visionaries of the postmodern world of the United Nations believe that the moral delusions of the entire Judeo-Christian civilization – America in particular – will be exposed as such and its memory relegated to a Dark Age, which will eventually be as relevant to man as his ancestor's evolution in the Cro-Magnon era. To these postmodern visionaries, the ultimate triumph of science is inevitable.

I personally believe that the zenith of this value system will face its Waterloo in the election year of 2008. The socialist federations of the United Nations – and the American scientists, artists and philosophers who agree with its ideology – will see a majority vote "no" to it for a third time. America's voters will elect another George W. Bush, who has clearly stated on several occasions that he opposes Terri's being taken off life support.

Second, I think it's worthwhile to bring different websites to your attention. I learned about this myself in a reference from Dawn Eden's blog. Now, I was probably the last person to learn about it - you're all probably wondering "where has Hadley been all these years?" I knew that Moriarty was quite outspoken, had left Law and Order and the country over disputes with Janet Reno over censorship - but the MSM had given me to believe that he was just something of a nutcase. Well, maybe he is - but people have said the same about me. One of the great things about joining the blogosphere is that been introduced to all kinds of new and interestig sites and articles that I really enjoy reading, and I hope you will too. I find Moriarty's writing provocative, usually right-on, and eminently quotable, as in this situation - one that encapsules many of the complaints about capitalism that I've been voicing in my Distributist series:
Even the conservative, spasmodically pro-life voice of business has supported Terri's husband. The costs alone, like those of sheltering convicted murderers, make life support counterproductive to the community. Therefore, the pro-capital punishment constituency will most likely welcome Terri's death. That she committed no crime is no more persuasive than a pro-choice woman's decision to abort her child for being an inconvenience to her lifestyle.

It sort of makes a weird kind of sense, doesn't it?

Well, not to me, but I'm a romantic. I believe that a human race without sentiment is worse than one with excessive sentimentality. The wheels of historical justice will eventually vindicate the intolerable pain that Terri's parents are now suffering.

Check this site out more often, especially some of their recent articles on Terri. I don't agree with them on everything - perhaps I'm not as staunch a capitalist and individualist as they are, and Moriarty's comment "the pro-capital punishment constituency will most likely welcome Terri's death," isn't right in my case, nor is it in many other cases. But as I said in my earlier post today, capital punishment is (or should be) an issue that people can debate and disagree about while maintaining a respectful, civil dialogue. Heck, as I suggested, I'd be more than willing to be convinced that the death penalty is unnecessary.

To conclude Moriarty's thoughts:
This will of course place the United States on the record as being for the heart of love and courage over the increasing obsession with the powers of human intelligence. The drama of Terri Schiavo will be a seminal chapter in America's Third Millennium History. That and the eventual overturning of an abomination devised by the Supreme Court – the Roe v. Wade decision of January 1973 – will mark an end to the intolerably deep inroads of an indifferent and scientifically tyrannical philosophy carved into an America that was originally founded upon our "inalienable right to life."

If Terri Schiavo isn't at the heart of the matter, then 1.5 million abortions in the United States each year have no more meaning than the death of one million Africans every year from starvation, ethnic cleansing and genocide, which the UN has neglected as indifferently as the Supreme Court rendered its decision to stop Terri Schiavo's heart.

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