Wednesday, March 30, 2005

MH - Quick Takes

Terri Schiavo certainly has brought together some interesting groups, hasn't she? Click here for comments from Ralph Nader, and here for what Jesse Jackson has to say. Kind of puts the lie to Boston Globe columnist Cathy Young's comment that the religious right is "about as close to a Taliban as you can have in modern American society. These are people who really do want the state to enforce their vision of 'what God wants.'"

In other news, here's the latest on that so-called "Talking Points" memo purporting to show the Republicans using Terri for political gain. Seems that it might the other side who might be up to tomfoolery. Didn't Dan Rather teach these people anything?

Here's an item on the gestapo - whoops, I mean police - preventing a priest from giving Terri Communion.

GetReligion also has a very good story which talks about the pro-death crusade, and includes observations from Jesse Walker at Reason an the coming scenario:
The picture was of a soft, suffocating, ever-evolving consensus between doctors and medical ethicists to refuse to offer treatment to ever more patients whose chances they judge to be futile -- and not in the classical understanding of the word.

"Instead," the nurse wrote, some medical ethicists now "argue for a new definition of futility to overrule patients and/or families on a case-by-case basis based on the doctor's and/or ethicist's determination of the 'patient's best interest.'"

And K-Lo at NRO has the growing trend toward infant euthenasia - didn't want to leave the kids out of all this.

Fortunately we still have the Holy Father's heroic example to show us the joy, the mystery, the dignity of life.

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