Wednesday, April 27, 2005

MH - All My Troubles Seem So Near Today

Myrna Blythe has a smackdown on Perky Katie Couric (is that a registered trademark?) at NRO today, highlighting the Today Show's falling ratings, and Katie's falling image:

But what I think has contributed to Katie's major loss of appeal is that millions of women have finally caught onto the liberal bias in much of her reporting. Katie, like many women in media, just assumed that all women — just because they were women — agreed with them about issues such as gun control and abortion. She has always been at her sharpest, interviewing those with conservative points of view while throwing softballs at her political favorites. And Katie's attitudes and opinions did have considerable influence with women. That's because for years she has come into millions of women's homes on a daily basis, seemingly so concerned about their needs, able to both dish diets and criticize the government's policy in Iraq, swoon over celebrities and swoon over Hillary.

Katie marketed herself like a friend — a sophisticated girlfriend — and women want to agree with their friends — up to a point. In the last election the majority of married women with children, exactly the Today Show's typical viewers, voted for President Bush. Many participants in AOL's chat room yesterday complained about Katie's obvious bias and said they had departed to Fox and Friends, Fox News's morning show, or Good Morning America, where Diane Sawyer shrewdly seems to hide her own opinions behind, in Stanley's words, her "poised, creamy insincerity."
Isn't that a nice turn of phrase - "poised, creamy insincerity."

Good commentary on this at BaddaBlog, along with some insights into the snarky comments at the liberal talk-net Air America. And they think conservatives are mean-spirited. . .

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  1. Funny you should mention the "mean spirited" comments.

    It is just these folks, Katie Couric and the Air America crowd, that complain about the so called hate-filled Republicans. Remember Cameron Diaz on Oprah?

    However, these folks absolutely shake with rage... and Randi Rhodes goes so far as to either suggest or joke (in extremely poor taste) that our president should be shot. She's said this multiple times.

    Maybe we should send her a big card with a prayer for her... and her soul. That ought to burn her up! ;)

    Wow! These folks also thought the Pope would create a big rift... well, these lefties are doing a fine job on their own.

    Thanks for the link,


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