Thursday, April 21, 2005

MH - The Power of Moral Persuasion

Is the theme of Linda's nice post at Right As Usual. She talks about the difference between the Christian and liberal definitions of "Choice":
It's truly about the Christian concept of free will; that's where CHOICE comes into play. Many on the left take their model from the civil rights movement - they look to impose their moral views on an unwilling populace. What they forget, however, is that the true change in the South came when people's hearts were moved - they couldn't live with themselves when they had to face the reality of their actions.

She says exactly what I've been trying, in a most inefficient way, to say for years: you don't change society by passing laws (although you have to make the effort) - you change society by converting hearts.

Of course, the left is always pro-choice - when it comes to aborting babies, that is. But as Linda says, when it's how to raise your child, what you can eat and drink, and what the MSM tells you you're supposed to watch, then it's a different story. Your only "choice" is what they choose for you...

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