Friday, April 29, 2005

MH - The Red Star-Tribune

At least that's what conservatives always call the hometown paper here. (The Minneapolis Star - before it merged with the Minneapolis Tribune - was in fact named after the "socialist workers" star in the Commie logo.)

I have to admit that I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Strib, since they did endorse me when I ran for the state legislature. They probably figured that since I had no chance to win, I was the token conservative they could side with so they could prove to everyone that they actually were non-partisian. Yeah, right.

Anyway, I should also point out that it's a very, very, very small soft spot. And it does seem to get smaller every day.

Powerline does a great job here and here uncovering the fiasco of the Strib's editorial board attacking the Republicans for trying to get rid of the filibuster (in certain situations) while conveniently forgetting (and then denying) they endorsed the very same idea during the Clinton administration.

It just makes you shake your head, doesn't it? And they wonder why their circulation keeps dropping.

Reading between the lines of what I've read, I do believe that Badda-Blogger, Veritas, Veritatis Splendor, and Our Word all live in the same area, or at least have roots here. And my question to you all is - why do we put up with it?

Is it the weather?


  1. Hi neighbor!

    Hmm... why do I put up with life here in the Bluest Corner of the Midwest?

    1) Student. Good school. (University of St. Thomas) No income to go elsewhere. :)

    2) Devout Catholic. Very few other places to live in America that have as solid and active a faith life as our area (St. Joan of Arc notwithstanding). NOWHERE else in America with a Cathedral like ours -- architecture that promotes PODness, now that's worth putting up with a lot of worldly nonsense.

    3) Annoying liberals is as easy as shooting fish in the barrel! :P Yet the ratio is still tolerable, San Fran or anywhere else on the Left Coast would drive me batty, but this, this is just plain fun. Except for the taxes. (but, oh yeah, I'm a poor student, never mind, no taxes for me! ;)

    Of course, I am leaving this summer to go live and study in Rome. But it's been fun while it's lasted!

  2. Because Minnesota is the promised land -- especially for those in [hopefully] temporary exile -- and nothing the Red Star editors write can take away from the beauty of the land of 15,000 lakes.

  3. "Is it the weather?"

    Without a doubt, the chance to see snow on May 1st is one of the reasons to stick around. ;-)

    One thing I like about living in St Paul is the abundance of Catholic churches. I usually attend St Louis in downtown, but also like to check out other parishes (St Agnes, Assumption, and the Cathedral).

  4. Snowed here, too, today, but then the sun came out. Analogy to the Church--awful clouds threaten, but then--Hope! I'm located in Eau Claire. Went to school at St. Kate's back in the day (before polyester nuns, liturgical dance--with streamers--and labyrinths. Go to St. Agnes when I get the chance. Cathedral is so beautiful, but the last time I went the homily had to do with tourists and cathedral architecture, and they skipped the Credo. Had a blog but got too involved in reading more and more orthodox Catholic blogs and websites, which, I figured had a lot more to say than I. Anybody listen to Joe Soucheray on KSTP? He's a hoot! God Bless all!

  5. WisconsinKathy,

    I definitely listen to Joe... I've been in Garage Logic since about a year into Joe's broadcast.

    The Enemy Paper (Joe's name for the Star-Tribune) has been a mess for years. I love looking at the cover page and noting what stories are rediculous to put above the fold. However, I'm a James Lileks fan so I am forced to check it out more than I like.

    Think of the Strib this way... it's always good to see what annoys the hardcore nay-sayers. Plus, if the Strib is worked up in a lather (especially Nick "nepotism" Coleman) we're doing our job. ;)

  6. Gee, this is fun!

    Veritas - did you ever see Fr. Echert at St. Thomas? I know he's at St. Augustine now; we really miss the bible study classes he used to do over at St. Helena! You're very lucky to be headed to Rome - good luck!

    Chris - you're right, no matter what the Red Star does, they can only get to us if we let them. (Besides being endorsed by them, I worked over there for a day as a temp. In gratitude, I subscribe to the Sunday paper, but only for the ads.)

    Anon - you're right about the churches. We considered moving to suburban Chicago at one point (Arlington Heights, Des Plaines area) but the problem was all the really good churches were downtown Chicago. If you're going to be in the big city, might as well stick around and live in a slightly smaller city that you can get around in. I'd love to see St. Louis sometime; from the pics on the website, it looks like a beautiful church!

    WisconsinKathy - like Badda-Blogger, I live in GL as well - I've got a "Good Luck" sticker right next to the "Proud 2 B Papist" bumper sticker from the Ratzinger Fan Club! We're parishioners at St. Agnes - let us know when you're our way sometime, we'll get together.

    Badda - free for lunch tomorrow?

    We definitely need to have a blogger convention here!


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