Tuesday, May 24, 2005

MH - Create Them to Kill Them

Additional public funding for embryonic stem cell research continues to gain momentum, passing the House today despite Bush's veto threat. Do they know what the stakes are in this issue? Here's a link from The Curt Jester to Cardinal Keeler's comments. Excerpt:
Such killing in the name of "prgress" crosses a fundamental moral line. Government has no business forcing taxpayers to subsidize the destruction of innocent human life. President Clinton's National Bioethics Advisory Commission conceded that human embryos "deserve respect as a form of human life." How does it show respect to treat human lives as mere crops for harvesting?

This has gone largely unnoticed over the last couple of days due to the extensive coverage of the judicial fillibuster "deal," but K-Lo at NRO isn't going to let it die (here she points out the seldom-publicized benefits of umbilical-cord research). Or should I say, she's doing her best to make sure those embryos don't die. We should do the same. The Republicans are starting to weaken on this issue (big surprise there, huh?) - don't let them. Keep the pressure up, and make them morally accountable for what they decide. If not today, then next year at the polls...

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