Thursday, May 5, 2005

MH - New Links

We're adding a bunch of new links to the site this week. If your link is on this list, please feel free to reciprocate! :) Seriously, we're giving them the Hadleyblog seal of approval - we may not endorse each and every little bit of content, but they're blogs we're checking out on a regular basis, and since life is too short to waste endlessly surfing the Net, these must be worth your time!

Roman Catholic Blog - anyone with an Innocent III action figure is worth linking!
Catholic Monarchist - with an excellent post on Social Injustice.
Some Have Hats - a common sense Catholic from the entertainment world!
Cnytr - source of that great Ratzinger story I linked to yesterday.
The Curt Jester - I'm late to the party in not linking to him earlier, but better late than never.
Secret Agent Man's Dossier - and a very funny satire on Church schisms.
Clairity's Place - another fellow Minnesotan!

And a shout-out to a couple of blogs that I've linked to before, but I want to publicize: Badda-Blog and Right As Usual, who've both had some very kind things to say about Our Word.

The great thing about the blogosphere is that it's such a great way to meet people who have stimulating ideas. Many of these blogs are links from other blogs we frequent, so cynics might say we're only interested in like-minded bloggers. Kind of like preaching to the choir.

Au contraire! These are all people who've illuminated my thought process, who've given me reason to pause or have challenged my conventional way of looking at things. I can honestly say that I've been enriched by each one of them. To use an athletic metaphor, you'll never get to be great in a sport unless you keep playing people better than you are. Same goes here - you'll never be a great writer or thinker unless you keep hanging out with people who raise the bar.

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