Wednesday, May 4, 2005

MH - "So Three Men Walk Into Heaven, . . ."

This joke is making the rounds (perhaps I'm the last one to read it), but it made me LOL. Tip of the hat to Lauren B. at Cnytr, since that's where I first saw it.

Karl Rahner, Hans Kung and Ratzinger all die on the same day, and go to meet St. Peter to find out their fates. St. Peter points at Rahner and says 'Karl! In my office.' After four hours, the door opens, and Rahner comes out. He is distraught, mumbling, 'Oh God, that was the hardest thing I've ever done! How could I have been so wrong! So sorry.' He stumbles off into heaven, a testament to the mercy of God.

Kung goes in next. After eight hours, the door opens, Kung is near collapse. He too is mumbling, 'How could I have been so wrong!' as he lurches into heaven, another testament to God's mercy.

Lastly, St. Peter calls Ratzinger. Twelve hours later, the door opens and St. Peter stumbles out. 'Oh, God,' he says, 'How could I have been so wrong?' "

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