Tuesday, May 17, 2005

MH - What Benedict Is Really Like

Thanks to Roman Catholic Blog, via Wheat & Weeds (sounds like the breeding of a racehorse, doesn't it?), here's another great story (courtesy The American Spectator) that tells you more about the character of our new Holy Father than all the wailings of Charles Curran, Andy Greeley, et al. The ancedote is marvelous; the conclusion from John Haas hits the mark (and gives us our own marching orders):
The election of Benedict XVI has raised the stakes in the culture wars significantly. His positions on radical feminism, relativism, liturgical innovation, rampant secularism are well known. Rather than cowering before the "gay" movement he referred on Good Friday of the "filth" that had made its way even into the priesthood and has not only opposed same sex "marriage" but has insisted such individuals should not serve as teachers or youth leaders. It is impossible to know how the struggle will play itself out during his pontificate, but it is clear that he will wage the battle with Christ-like firmness imbued with kindness and gentleness. Those characteristics may disarm his opponents more than any fire-breathing condemnations. They are the weapons of Christ Himself.

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