Thursday, June 9, 2005

MH - What's In a Headline?

The Mighty Barrister provides a summary of news headlines describing the Holy Father’s recent comments on homosexual marriage. The headlines are often unintentionally funny; The Barrister’s commentary is intentionally hilarious. A sample:

At the Sofia News Agency, Pope Slams Gay Marriages, Birth Control. No word on whether this was a suplex, an old-fashioned belly-to-belly body slam, or whether the Papa leaped from the top rope.

At the Marin Independent-Journal, Pope restates his opposition to gay unions. Is there a branch of the AFL-CIO I haven't heard of? Probably some obscure electrical brotherhood with their secret handshakes and color-coded hankies.

Meanwhile, The Dawn Patrol proves here and here that headline writing truly is an art form...

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