Tuesday, July 19, 2005

MH - But You Can't Call a Woman "Father," Can You?

One of my favorite blogs, Veritatis Splendor, has a very good piece on one of the stories making the rounds in our beloved Minnesota - "Local Catholic Woman To Be 'Ordained'. " Have to give them credit for putting "ordained" in quotes, at least, but as Veritatis points out, "To assert that these women *are* priests/bishops/whatever is incredibly irresponsibile on the part of WCCO." When you look at the hostility, latent or overt, that the MSM has for the Catholic Church, and combine that with the ignorance that the media has for religion, and throw in the general sloppiness that reporters have anyway, we can only be surprised that the story wasn't even worse.

But back to the main question - why can't women be ordained? We all know the reasons, but Veritatis spells them out in a logical, concise order. Read it and be prepared when the topic comes up.

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  1. See the BogusGold blog for a recent article on this event.



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