Sunday, July 10, 2005

MH - What Needs to be Done

From Rick Brookhiser at The Corner. I'm very partial to Brookhiser, having enjoyed his brilliant bio of George Washington, and his series on other Founders (Adams, Hamilton, Morris). Perhaps these aren't the right sentiments to have, but they strike very close to how I feel about the war on terror, even if I am a little uncomfortable admitting it:

But somewhere Marcus Aurelius says, Either an all-seeing Providence, or iron destiny, or an uncontrollable storm. Whichever it is, why should you do anything other than what is right?

I believe in the first, but whichever way the world is, our course is clear: Tear down these people. Tear down their killers, their witchdoctors and their patrons. Tear them down to the ground. It will take a long time, decades. Spend as long as it takes.

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