Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Don't touch that dial! You've come to the right place, but as you've probably noticed we've got a new look. Chalk it up to boredom, or the desire to change things up a bit. We like it but it isn't carved in stone - if you have any thoughts, let us know.

There are some other changes on the site as well. For one thing, we've dropped the Welborn Protocol. We welcome any and all correspondence, and we don't want you to feel constrained by the prospect that your email might wind up splashed all over the Internet. If you want to drop us an email, go right ahead! We answer all our mail (sooner or later), and if it's something we think others might be interested in, we'll ask whether or not you're cool with us sharing it with everyone.

We've also added a link to our fiction. Now, if you click on that link right now you won't find much more than an "Under Construction" type of notice. We've got plenty to put up; we just need the time to format it all. You're read excerpts from that great American novel Mitchell's referred to in the past (and with any luck, we'll be adding instructions on how you can buy the book!), and Judie might even be talked into sharing some of her poetry.

There will be additional, subtle changes in the days and weeks to come. We'll be working on our syndication buttons, and hopefully we'll give more options to those of you who like to syndicate your blog reading. We'll be going through our blog roll again, adding some and subtracting others to give you a better idea of what we like to read. Who knows what else we might come up with?

Finally, we'll be making a plug for increased readership in the near future. We know a lot of you are regular readers, and that many of you share your blogging interests with your friends. So if you like our blog, please share it with others - encourage them to try it out, and ask them to pass it on. Sure, we want more people to read what we write (you don't blog if you don't have some kind of ego), but we also want to interact with you more. We love it when one of our Hadleybloggers forwards a story they find interesting. Occasionally we publish guest comments from someone who has something we want to share with you. And always, we're looking to be educated as well as to educate. The more readers we have, the greater the material. So please, pass it on!

And as always, thanks for your support over the past months. We'll be celebrating our one-year anniversary in November, and hope to be with you - whatever look we may be showing - for a long time to come!

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