Tuesday, August 2, 2005

MH - And St. Joan Thought Burining at the Stake Was Bad?

For those of us living here in Minneapolis, the continuing adventures of St. Joan of Arc parish are a constant source of amusement. (I use the term amusement, rather than a more accurate one such as consternation or despair because at some point you have to just laugh it off).

Here's the latest case in point, courtesy of fellow Minnesotan Clayton at Weight of Glory. Read it and weep, laugh, throw up - whatever suits your fancy. Some of his commenters couldn't believe such a thing could happen - oh, yes it can! You want a sample?
For myself, I have continually found peace and faith and trust with my transition team partners. I have trust in the universe and the God that can hold us, just like the water holds the swimmer. I have vast trust in the resiliency of this entire community that no matter who comes here we will gain in our spiritual journey from that person in unpredictable ways. The new pastor will gain much from us and be influenced by us. That happened with George and with other pastors that we have had. It will happen again. I am not afraid that we will have an appointee who will challenge our deepest essence. We will remain Joan of Arc but in a new shell and we will all swim together. We are not alone. We are in a trustworthy world even when the temporary darkness seems threatening.

Trust me, Minnesota does have some of those "quality of life" things that cause you to put up with stuff like this...

UPDATE: The Curt Jester gives us a preview of what St. Joan's "help wanted" for a new pastor looks like.

Clayton also adds a post with reflections on Archbishop Flynn and his leadership in the diocese, particularly in this situation.

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