Friday, August 12, 2005

MH - Dawn Eden Is My Hero!

Or one of them, anyway.

One of the problems with being a small blogger in a big pond is that you tend to assume that most of your readers are already familiar with the big stories. While that's usually true, you run the risk of either letting some things fall between the cracks, or of ignoring a story that deserves more attention.

So even though you all may already know this, I want to direct you to The Dawn Patrol, where Dawn is leading a one-woman fight against the vile Planned Parenthood and their outrageous actions. There are too many great things to link to, so I'm simply recommending that you go straight to her site (if you haven't already) and read. We shouldn't be shocked by anthing that evil organization does, but still they seem to have the power to do just that.

While you're reading this, remember that groups like the Susan B. Komen Foundation support Planned Parenthood. They may claim that it's a way to get non-abortion related medical information to women's "clinics," but the loathesome propaganda that comes out of that organization is unlike any "clinic" I've ever seen. Except, perhaps, from Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist China, or anywhere else where life has been devalued, where words have been twisted, where the light of goodness appears to be in permanent eclipse from the shadow of evil. Then ask yourself if you really want to give money or time or collect yogurt lids for these organizations.

In the midst of the depressing news from New York (see below), thank God (once again) for fighters like Dawn Eden; and keep them in your prayers always, for they are risking much in the cause of the truth.

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