Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Please Help the People of the Gulf Coast

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has taken the lead in putting together bloggers offering suggestions to help those in need after Katrina. We sit here watching the heartwrenching coverage on TV, and anything we can do seems so feeble. But I would like to second the suggestion that those interested join us in contributing to Catholic Charities. That, and pray, pray, pray for the Golf Coast and the nation.

And God bless you Glenn, and Hugh Hewitt, and all those responsible for putting this together. You can check out Instapundit for many more suggestions on organizations to which you can contribute.

There are other things to talk about, and we'll get to that in the next day or so. But for now, let's pause for a moment of reflection on how fortunate so many of us are in our own lives, and to offer our own suffering for those who are suffering so much.

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