Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Revenge of the Devils?

By Mitchell

Last week we blogged on the case of Katelyn Sills, the young student whose mother dared to expose the fact that her Catholic school employed a pro-abort as an assistant teacher. Well, it seems the school is trying for its revenge now, as they've expelled Katelyn. (Of course, what they're really doing is digging they own way deeper and deeper into one of those inner circles of Hell, but they're doing a lot of damage in this world in the meantime.)

Jimmy Akin has the story here, and Mark Shea offers contacts we might want to make. For those of you who do write to the school, remember to keep your correspondence polite and business-like, but firm in convictions and demand for the truth. (Some might argue that we aren't entitled to demand anything of that school, since we don't pay the bills; I counter that in terms of the Universal Church, we're all members of one Body, and since we all pay the bills for sins by members of that body against that body, we're absolutely entitled to demand fidelity to the Church's teachings.)

Rest assured that one way or another, they won't get away with it.

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