Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Trouble in (So Not) Paradise

By Mitchell

It's Gilmore Girls night, which means Judie is watching TV and I've got a little time to kill online, so you might see a few more posts tonight than you have in awhile.

Hadleyblogger Ray brought this to my attention - trouble for the new pastor at the infamous St. Joan of Arc in Minneapolis. (HT: fellow Minnesotan Adoro Te Devote.) As some of you may be aware, I'd ordinarily heap a share of scorn on SJA (reason #233,742 here), but I don't much feel like doing that tonight. Instead, as Adoro suggests, pray for the pastor, Fr. Debruycker. I've seen him many times celebrating the Friday morning Mass at St. Olaf, and always thought he was a little left-of-center, but with his heart in the right place. (And he's made some good points as well - examples here and here.) When he was appointed the new pastor at SJA, I thought he might have a chance to bring this renegade parish a little closer to the rest of the flock. If he's in trouble there, if he isn't liberal enough for them, that's bad news for the entire church.

Pray for Fr. Debruycker, and for the conversion of SJA.

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