Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You Tell 'Em, Lou!

By Mitchell

I know there are "conservatives" who don't think much of CNN's Lou Dobbs and his crusade against globalization (i.e., exporting jobs out of America), but for what it's worth, I get a real charge out of Lou. He's one of the few guys out there who isn't afraid to tell it like it is, and more often than not he's speaking my language. I'll admit there are times when even I get a little uncomfortable with his editorializing, but it passes quickly - at least he's not making any bones about the fact that he's giving you his opinion, as opposed to passing it off as objective journalism.

He's also one to see through the pablum that comes out of the mouths of Corporate America, as in this story of how Google agrees to Chinese censorship. Here's an excerpt from the transcript from tonight's show, as Lou talks with correspondent Kitty Pilgrim (surely one of the best names in television today) in a segment entitled "dot.commie":

DOBBS: This is, I think, probably as good an example as there is of a very confused leadership at Google over what is right and wrong and to which nation they happen to be chartered in.

PILGRIM: They respond by saying they balance their commitment.

DOBBS: They balance their commitment. They have no commitment as best I can tell. Certainly to anything that I would consider of value. Thank you very much.

Believe me, hearing Lou say it was even better than reading it on the page. Of course, while Google bends over for the ChiComs (and how long has it been since you've heard that phrase used?), it fights the U.S. government on releasing information about child porn sites. As Lou put it, they've forgotten which nation they're chartered in. But then, sadly, that doesn't make them unique in the world of Corporate America.

You know, the city of Anaheim is currently pursuing legal action against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (surely the worst name in all of sports), contending that they have a contractual obligation to call the team "Anaheim Angels." Perhaps this country should follow the same action against Corporate America, and demand they remove the word "America" - it may be one of the few ways we can still maintain our own integrity.

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