Monday, February 6, 2006

Please Patronize Our Links

By Mitchell

I wanted to pass along an excellent new Catholic blog (well, new to me anyway) that I've started reading lately. It's Adoro Te Devote, from a fellow resident of these fabulous Twin Cities. Julie's had some very thought-provoking posts lately, including this one on struggling against the Devil and his weapons. His greatest weapon, of course, is fear, and there's only one response to it:

And as I struggled with this, I prayed to the Lord and to my Guardian Angel for assistance, and finally, the words I needed came to me, "I have not given you a spirit of fear...."

No, indeed. As JPII said so often, "Be not afraid." Those are easy words to recite, but understanding them is sometimes more subtle. The comfort they provide, nevertheless, is immeasurable.

Be sure to check in on this fine blog at this link. (If I weren't so lazy, I'd go ahead and update the sidebar with our blog links. But until I get to that long-overdue maintenance, this will have to suffice.)

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