Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Blog!

Yes, another new one out there! After more good contributions to this blog than I can count, Hadleyblogger Ray has started Northland Catholic Roundtable. Ray has graciously invited us, along with our friend AdoroTeDevote, to be members of the roundtable.

Ray describes Northland Catholic Roundtable as follows:

I am gong to try to be a clearing house for news and activities, good and not so good, of Catholic Church activities that are going on in Minnesota and surround states. At the same time I want to give publicity to a lot of the smaller blogs working hard in the wilderness and maybe if we all work together, we all will get our messages out to more people.

Let me second Adoro and thank you, Ray, for all your work setting this up!

Now, if we're all going to be knights of this round table, which ones are we? Forget about Arthur, Lancelot and Gallahad - we're more in the range of Sir Loin of Beef, Sir Osis of Liver, Sir Prize of Party,...

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