Tuesday, April 11, 2006

And One More Thing

By Mitchell

Jimmy Akin with a really good piece on the immigration debate, which includes both hard economic reality and a very sensible look at the real "social justice" issues involved. Hint: there's more to it than what some of the bishops would like you to think. For example:

The effect of illegal aliens in the agricultural industry is not that they do work that otherwise wouldn't get done. It's that they depress the wages in the agricultural industry to the point that such jobs are unattractive to Americans.

In other words, when discussing the idea of social justice (or, as the Strib would put it, "dignity"), we must consider the effect that immigration has on both jobs and wages in this country, and the effect that has on American workers. What is it they say about charity beginning at home? Perhaps the same could go for social justice.

Ah, I think Chesterton would have some strong thoughts on this...

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