Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Spell of Good Friday

By Mitchell

Our Good Friday reflection from last year was based on images from the opera Parsifal by Wagner. Though not a sacred piece per se, it remains a piece of work of monumental beauty and emotion, and the religious overtone throughout is undeniable.

"You see, that's not how it is. It is the tears of repentant sinners, that fall like holy dew today to moisten field and meadow; thus making them fertile. Now all creatures rejoice in visible signs of the Redeemer, to whom they dedicate their prayers. Since they cannot see Him on the Cross, they look up instead to man redeemed, who feels free from dread and the burden of sin because of God's loving sacrifice. The grass and flowers of the meadows notice that the foot of man does not trample them today, but that, as God, with heavenly patience and mercy, suffered for man, so mankind today in pious gratitude spares nature with gentle tread. Then all creatures give thanks, all that blooms and soon will fade, and nature now absolved from sin today enjoys its day of innocence."

Click here for more from last year's piece.

Above: Placido Domingo as Parsifal

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