Monday, April 10, 2006

That Dignity Thing

By Mitchell

Maybe they were hedging their bets with the headline to the online story at the Strib's website, but the headline that appeared across the front page of this morning's printed paper said it all: "Marchers Seek Dignity for Immigrants."

Geez, where do you start?

What they really mean to say is that the marchers were seeking a "legal status" for immigrants, not dignity. First off, the government can't give you dignity, just like it can't give you a lot of things. We're all born with dignity: the dignity of the human being, created by God, made manifest through the birth of Jesus as God made Man. Now, not everyone thought this was a good idea - Satan and the fallen angels rebelled against the idea of paying homage to a human being - but it's a fact nonetheless. If you don't understand that, then the rest isn't going to make any sense. But the point is that dignity is not the government's to give, any more than it is to take away.

Put it this way - do you think the Strib, or any other MSM newspaper in America, would ever have come up with this headline?

"Marchers Seek Dignity For Unborn."

Nah, I didn't think so.

But this idea must come as quite the revelation to the editors at the Strib. I mean, they must have been shocked, shocked, to find out that there was anyone left in America without dignity. Except, of course, for various special interest groups - women, minorities, homosexuals, disabled activists who could profit from embryonic stem-cells, and now illegal aliens. And anyone else looking to feed at the trough.

Perhaps it might occur to them at some point in time that there are those who would suggest that "dignity," at least they way the Strib thinks of it, applies not only to the unborn, who don't even get a chance to live life with dignity, but also the sick and elderly facing an enforced death. Of course, the pro-death faction has a much different definition of dignity when it comes to dying.

There is an inherent dignity to life, period. And maybe the reason liberals like the writers at the Strib don't get it is that they're become so infatuated with the deadly stench of decay from the hoary agenda they've pushed for so many years, they've forgotten what words really mean.

Just as they've forgotten what life really means.

My friend BaddaBlogger has a terrific piece on the issue today, as does Anti-Strib, the local watchdog on our paper of record. (A warning though, if you go to Anti-Strib - their posts aren't always family-friendly, which is why we don't link to the site on a regular basis. Forewarned is forearmed.)

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